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Peru´s leading tour operator dedicated to providing wellness and adventure tours with a focus on healing. We offer our clients a unique experience, blending the excitement and challenge of the tours with the harmony and health effects of nature, mysticism and richness of culture found in Peruvian lands. TRAVEL & HEALING is a company that believes you should get the most out of your travels, which is why we have incorporated elements of well-being and growth in each and every one of our seven product lines.

Why Choose T&H

Support a company who cares for their animals and their riders. Our horses are extremely well cared for and are frequently checked by veternarians. This tour is scenic and well thought out. You may find yourself in the mist of some of your best photos from the ancient Inca Ruins to the cityscape of Cusco. Find out more in the details.

Payment Methods

We are offering the following methods of payment: visa and paypal secure for booking any of our tours.

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